Spurs slaughter Bulls

Spurs 8-5                     11/11/2017

San Antonio Spurs vs. Chicago Bulls       (133-94)  Holy poo!

Going up against the team with the worst offense in the league should have proven easy & easy it was. Without 6 of our players, 1/3 of our roster, the Bulls proved to be no problem for the Spurs. Missing Parker & Kawhi (since the beginning), Green (hamstring), Manu (out for being “old” according to Pop), Lauvergne & rookie, Derrick White (fractured wrist) seemed to be no trouble for Pop & the boys.

EIGHT players scored in the double digits & our bench took control of the floor, scoring at least 34 points in three of the four quarters. Spurs’ shooting was on point (hah): Spurs assisted on 64.7% of baskets, took NINETEEN wide-open 3’s (made 73.7%) & shot 52.6% from the mid-range. With a average-ranked defense so far this season, it’s impressive to witness Spurs shoot 33(!) catch/shoot attempts & score an impressive af 95.5% FG%.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 1.31.02 PM

Gay, who Pop didn’t want to play due to back pain, scored 15 points in 18 minutes, Murray with 17 points, BP3 posted a solid 15 points, Aldridge with another double/double (21 points/10 rebounds) & fellow-ginger Bertans came off the bench with 16 points in just 18 minutes. This ginger was on fire upon completing 5/6 3-point jumpers. (Seems all those practices with The Big Fundamental paid off. How many newcomers can say that the greatest PF of all-time helped them with their game?)

The most impressive newcomer off the bench in this matchup was Bryn Forbes. In his first ever career start, he came alive with 13 points. Forbes is only the third undrafted player under 6’4″ to start in franchise history, the last player being some guy named Avery Johnson ( ;P ). I love the potential in this kid & I want more! Also Spurs fans witnessed Costello & Hilliard both score their first points for the silver & black. All in all, our bench came alive & couldn’t be stopped, resulting in a 39-point blowout.

See you in Dallas! Go Spurs Go!



Spurs get Buck(ed) by Giannis & Bledsoe

Spurs 7-5  😦                      11/10/2017

San Antonio Spurs vs. Milwaukee Bucks                (87-94)

Giannis Antetokounmpo & newly acquired ex-Sun Eric Bledsoe are responsible for serving the Spurs a loss at home, ending their 4-game winning streak. The Greek Freak, & MVP contender, scored 28 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists & 4 blocks. This kid has an unique skill set & unbelievable talent and his matchup with Bledsoe was something I was unsure was going to work at first. Boy, was I wrong.

In his first game as a Buck, many were unsure if Bledsoe would get much play time at all, let alone play for 29 minutes. Bucks denied the Spurs’ passing & disrupted their execution, forcing 18 turnovers, 10 steals & held the Spurs to 42.5% shooting. The Bucks held the Spurs to only 87 points (fewest allowed) & when this twosome was on the bench, Spurs went from a 14-point deficit to being only down by 2 points in the fourth quarter.  Our usual third quarter antics didn’t show up in this matchup (down by 14) & Bledsoe’s clutch shot in the fourth quarter gave them the lead & the W.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 11.41.37 AM

Some things I noticed when watching this game: when Aldridge, who scored 20 points, is off the floor, the offense is nonexistent, Mills played for 37 minutes (which is about 20 minutes too long), Green got more turnovers than points (6:5) & this was Gay’s worst performance as a Spur. His defensive skills were decent, but he didn’t connect on shots & only scored 6 points. I’m not sure what happened, but we have to keep it together.

Things weren’t all bad though. Normally frustrating to watch, Anderson scored a double/double with 10 points, 10 rebounds & 4 assists. I have tried giving this kid the benefit of a doubt, & time & time again, he usually doesn’t deliver. Some credit Aldridge’s elbow to the face during the game to his “waking up.” Maybe we should “wake him up” more often! Hah. Vet, Manu Ginobili, also had a great game with 18 points (season-high). Manu! Manu! Manu!

Next up we finish our home-stretch against the Bulls. Go Spurs Go!


Spurs clip Clippers

Spurs 7-4                11/7/2017

San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angeles Clippers              (120-107)

The drama started before the game began when our fearless leader came out & announced that there is no definite time we will get our silent assassin back. With a rocky start this season, we are missing Kawhi more than ever & here’s to hoping he rehabs quickly & comes back with a vengeance. Not all the news was bad, TP is rehabbing much faster than anyone expected & is already participating in the Austin G-League. Get better soon, boys. The city of SA waits patiently.

Spurs came out, guns blazing right off the bat, but kept Griffin & the gang in the game with turnovers. Impressively, Spurs ended the game with a season-high 33 assists & 17 forced Clippers turnovers. Back and forth the first half went, with Clippers leading by 3 at the half. But another third quarter blowout allowed our boys to squash the Clippers’ best defense efficiency rating, outscoring them 40-21. Seriously, whatever the hell is happening in the locker room at halftime, we want more! This third quarter Spurs team is impressing the hell out of me.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 12.05.32 PM

Top scorers included LA (25 points), Green (24 points & his best game of this season), Gay (22 points) & Gasol (19 points, with assists on 32). Aldridge still holds onto the longest active block record (18) & the Spurs made the 3-point shots rain all night, hitting a season-high of FIFTEEN threes (11 of these from the 3 G’s alone: Green, Gasol & Gay)! Fundamental basketball, strong defense & ball movement is something Pop has always preached heavily, but in this day-and-age of trick shots, 3-pointers are something the Spurs need to stay in the game. Glad to see the boys evolving their game but still staying true to the Spurs organization.

In the end, Rivers couldn’t hold the team alone & without their SF, Gallinari, Clippers couldn’t keep up & Spurs ran away with the lead in the second half. Go Spurs Go!

Spurs eclipse Suns

Spurs 6-4            11/5/2017

San Antonio Spurs vs. Phoenix Suns            (112-95)

I just want to start this blog post with a congratulations & shoutout to the backbone of our great organization, Gregg Popovich. Pop now has the 6th most wins of all-time with 1,156 wins. I don’t have to go into much detail because NBA fans know all he has done for the league, the game & the city of San Antonio. This basketball wizard can find the Timmys and the Robinsons in the league & mold them, but what’s more impressive is his ability to find the diamonds in the rough. The undrafted players, the foreigners or maybe the wallflower & change them into one of the most talked about players in the league. Enough gushing over the love of my life & back to Spurs domination.

What started as a slow game from both teams, turned into a 3rd quarter showdown of defense, clutch shots & a double digit lead from our boys. Spurs had SEVEN players in double digit scoring, including LA, rookie BP3, Gay, Green, Murray, Mills & Forbes (1st time having consecutive double figures in his career).

Mills started for the third time & impressed again with 17 points, 4 assists & 4 rebounds & shot 64% from the field. Forbes & Mills had this chemistry tonight that ignited the fans & both bring unique shots to the table. But the duo that caught my eye tonight was the Brandon Paul & Forbes combo. Both undrafted, fast, risk-takers who Pop saw something in & so far, it’s paid off. With Manu resting, these two have really made us all stop and look.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 1.54.44 PM

Suns star, Devin Booker, was held at an unusual low of 9 points with the likes of BP3 & Danny Green and their strong defending skills. Whatever new regime or magic pills Danny Green is taking this season, keep it up! Monster blocks, steals & outside shooting; Green has finally proved he’s more than an occasional “Tar Heel Three.”

Next we meet the Clippers at home tonight! Go Spurs Go!

Spurs avoid getting stung by Hornets

Spurs 5-4                      11/3/2017

San Antonio Spurs vs. Charlotte Hornets         (108-101)

After four straight horrific losses, Spurs fans were can breathe a little easier now after this win. Our reserves brought the heat again, scoring 64 points from the bench. Mills started again over Murray & seemed to find his game, scoring 17 points (including four 3-point shots in the 4th quarter). Fan favorite & future HOFer, Manu Ginobili became the 3rd player (& 1st ever South American) to play 1,000 games in black & silver (joining the likes of TP & TD!). Manu even dunked in the 4th quarter!

Gay came in with a solid 20 points & was responsible for helping Spurs gain the lead in the 3rd quarter. Our 15th man on the roster, Bryn Forbes, stood out again with 22 points. This kid gets better with every passing game and has already played as many games this season as he did the entire 2016-17 season. Come January when Spurs make a decision on his contract, here’s to hoping Pop holds on to this Michigan State alum & his ability to make pick-and-rolls.


Spurs shot 47% from the field & made nine 3-point shots. Aldridge had a blocked shot for his 17th straight game, the longest active streak in the league! This game turned out to be pretty physical with a combined 70 attempted free throws. SEVENTY. Twenty of these attempts came from Charlotte’s Dwight Howard. Spurs shot 81% of these FT attempts & remained a force against Charlotte in the paint. Spurs also had a season-high 31 assists, with each player achieving at least one.

Overall, this game seemed to be a turnaround for the Kawhi-less team. Good communication, fantastic defense & great shots lead to a W. FINALLY! I couldn’t take another letdown and I wait with bated breath for the return of our cornrowed King to get things back on track. Go Spurs Go!

Curry & crew too hot for Spurs to handle

Spurs 4-4 (Please, make it stop)               11/2/2017

San Antonio Spurs vs. Golden State Warriors         (92-112)

Home court. Man, I was ready to be back at home. After that rough roadtrip, Pop & the boys were back at home for the first time since last year’s heart-wrenching Western Conference Finals vs. Curry & his crew.  (Zaza met with lots of boos, obviously.) I noticed Pop’s first change in the starting lineup, replacing Mills for Murray. I think Murray has done spectacular, but Patty needs to step up and remind everyone the reasons for the new $50-million payday. Both Murray & Mills seem a bit uneasy without the likes of veteran Tony Parker around. I miss that Frenchie more than I care to admit & hope he returns soon to be a strong leader for these youngsters.

We started strong, with a lead of 19 points (!), & even held the Warriors to a mere 50 points by the half. We began with aggressive defense, homecourt loving (maybe even a little showboating. I mean did you see Danny Green fly past Curry, causing him to fall & then dunk over Durant!?) & quickly our near-perfect play was replaced with slow & cautious play. Then slowly, Warriors changed the gears in their sloppy ball movement, Durant ate his damn Snickers bar & the game changed.

Spurs tried to counter the Warriors in the second half, but couldn’t stall them enough. One crucial element was missing: our Messiah. Kawhi always keeps the Warriors on their toes with his clutch shots & ability to penetrate in the paint & score. (Fingers crossed for the Messiah’s return in 3 weeks!) Forbes came in strong in the fourth quarter and helped lessen the lead to single digits, but the two players that stood out were Aldridge & Kyle Anderson (Holy hell!).

As a person who has never been much of a Anderson fan, I want to see more of the Anderson that played in this game. He played a season-high 16 points, 7 rebounds, 2 steals (!) & 1 block, Pop praised this usually inconsistent small forward after the game. Aldridge became one of only four players in the league, all of whom are guards, to score 24 points in 22 shots; including a rebound jumper over last year’s DPOY, Green.

But in the end, Spurs suffered & couldn’t fully come back, losing by 20 points. (And an ejection from Pop! HAH!) This was the fourth loss in a row. THE FOURTH. Let that sink in, spoiled Spurs fans (myself included). When was the last time you can remember a losing streak this bad? There have only been four times in Popovich’s entire career that his team has lost this many games in a row. FOUR. And the losing streak has never surpassed four times. Let this sink in Spurs fans, in 20 seasons with Pop, the Spurs have never had a double-digit losing streak but EVERY SINGLE TEAM in the league has. ALL OF THEM! All hail, Gregg Popovich (and this girl’s soulmate). Here’s to the next game & not messing with his legacy.


Tired Spurs end roadtrip 0-4

Spurs 4-3     😦        10/30/2017

San Antonio Spurs vs. Boston Celtics        (94-108)

Fast-paced defense, a historical win & outscoring in every quarter; this is what Spurs fan want to see, just not from the opposing team. For the first time since 2011, the Celtics & coach Brad Stevens have beat the San Antonio Spurs. This win has huge meaning to Stevens because the Spurs were the only team in the NBA that he had never beat. His new team, led by Irving, now holds the longest winning streak in the NBA & the Spurs are left with a 0-4 record after this short roadtrip. With no more than one day off between each game since the season opener & every game held in a different city, it’s no wonder that the Spurs are playing tired, sluggish & slow. With the next 6 games at home, here’s to hoping our boys get the rest & home-loving that we need. My heart cannot take any more. Seriously.

With no Manu (rest), TP (injury), or our Lord & Savior, Kawhi (injury), the Spurs are really hurting without some of our leaders. Mills played like his former self. He took every shot attempt imaginable & the results were forced, rushed & his footwork seemed all wrong. LA only scored 11 points in the entire game & Gay, only 14. We saw some great bench play from White, Forbes & (my favorite) Bertans. With Lauvergne still out, Pop would be wise to let this fellow ginger get some playtime. He makes 3-point shots, he’s fast & the kid can block! With Kawhi gone, Spurs’ ball movement & shots are transparent & easy to read. There’s no timeline for the Messiah’s return, but rumors speculate he will return around mid-November. We cannot wait to see that beautiful unsmiling face again, Kawhi. ❤

The shining light in this dismal game was a breakout performance from rookie Brandon Paul. With 18 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist & 1 steal off the bench in a career-high 30 minutes, BP3 was the player of the game for the black and silver. He made history being the first Spurs rookie to make 5+ 3-point shots in first seven games since Gary Neal in 2010. He was the ONLY Spur to hit 50%+ of shots taken, including an impressive as hell 3-point shot he took in the third quarter.       (pic.twitter.com/F9E8b8hx74)

I am impressed as hell with this rookie & can only hope we see more of him. After 3 straight losses, this girl cannot take anymore heartbreak.

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 12.08.38 PM